Dancing in the Rain is available to read!

Dancing in the Rain is now available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle Store! Just follow this link!

This is one of Ed's most popular Robot Pulp covers and I was very excited to write this story. Here's a short blurb!

"A deadly pandemic rages across the planet. Giant Sentry Robots lumber across America’s cities, enforcing the rules of quarantine. Craig may willingly strap on his air filtration system to trudge to work each day, but he couldn’t care less about the world and its rules. He just wants to see Christine, his girlfriend trapped in isolation on the other side of the country."

You know, this time last year, a short story about a worldwide pandemic where police enforce a mandatory quarantine using repurposed military hardware might have sounded a little far fetched, but now it's the end of 2020 and, well, here we are.

I'm very proud of this story and I hope you all enjoy it. If you like it, please share it with your friends. Thanks for reading!


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