About Robot Pulp


Ed Bickford is an artist based out of Kansas City.


He went to school at University of Central Missouri and has a Bachelor of fine arts in commercial art with an emphasis in illustration.

In addition to Robot Pulp, he created and illustrated the comics The Birdlander, The Troubleshooters, and American Chop Suey.

He has also provided illustrations for Planet X Games, Frog God Games, Infinite Worlds Magazine, The World of Myth Magazine, and Image Comics.

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Robot Pulp is an art series by Edwin B. Bickford III which combines his love of robots with the classic style of Golden Age Science Fiction magazine covers.

Shortly after Ed began producing the faux retro covers, Aaron Walther brought the concept full circle and began writing short stories to accompany the art prints.

The series started in 2015 when Ed self published eleven covers in Robot Pulp Magazine.

Later that year, he published a second issue containing eight new illustrations, as well as 16 pages of comics and a short story written by Aaron Walther.

Ed and Aaron went on to collaborate on two graphic novels, The Birdlander and American Chop Suey.

Though the magazine is no longer in production, Robot Pulp continues today as an online store where you can find all new illustrations and short stories with all that pulpy robot goodness!

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Aaron Walther is an independent writer from St. Louis who has continuously self published comics since 2009. 

He enjoys reading, writing, and taking serious pictures with cats.

His current webcomic, The Uncontrollable Wreck-Lass is an all ages superhero comedy and can be read at www.wrecklasscomic.com.

His other comics can be found at SecondThoughtComics.com

Photo by Joel Conner

Jason Green is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Arts STL (www.theartsstl.com) and Editor at Ink and Drink Comics.


He has been working as a writer and editor since 2004. Jason’s writing has appeared in PLAYBACK:stl (where he also served as Comics Editor for 12 years), “Protoculture Addicts” magazine, and Anime News Network, as well as numerous independent comic books.


His most recent editorial project is “Butcher Queen,” published by Red 5 Comics.

He currently edits the Robot Pulp short stories.

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Illustration by Mark Wesler